A day, a song



Pentru ca nu se stie cand mai ajung pe aici sa postez, va mai las o melodie superba, care are, oarecum, legatura cu postul precedent.



Let this be the start of something
The start of something true
Dont wanna keep this heart imprisoned
Let me fly away with you..
You dont always need a reason for all the things you do
When you’ve got something to believe in

You know there’s no turning back

Let there be no scales
To weigh your unknown treasure
It is when you give of yourself
That you truly give

Oh to know the pain of too much tenderness
You would touch with your fingers
The naked body of your dreams

Give up the fight and learn to surrender
All you’ve gotta do is..
Give up the fight and learn to surrender
All you’ve gotta do ïs…


1 Response to “A day, a song”

  1. 1 Alex`andra noiembrie 6, 2010 la 11:01 pm

    a doua`mi place mult,mult de tot, prima . . . nu prea, poate pt ca nu e momentul , sau poate… who knows :))

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